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The Beta’s swim team would not exist without the willingness of volunteers to take on a role every Tuesday night. If you are a “Veteran volunteer”, we thank you. If you want to volunteer, you are in the right place. This page will give you details and instruction for helping run the swim meets smoothly. It’s the resource page for volunteers.

Swim meets are notorious for being crowded, hot and confusing! There seem to be a million things going on including keeping the younger swimmers together and ready for their events. Listed are the standard roles that must be filled at every swim meet. Most roles are very easy and with simple instruction, you will be a natural in no time at all.

Every family (one parent) is expected to volunteer at least 3x per season. We are grateful many parents are willing to do more but it is always better if everyone contributes.

We use SignupGenius.com to fill our volunteer positions. See the descriptions below to choose a role when signing up to volunteer. Please don’t worry if you don’t know what a role entails. We will train you!

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How to Register for Jobs and Swims at a Meet:

Log in to the website. Login is found in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

If you can’t remember your password, click "Forgot your password" to reset your password.

Under the Meets & Events tab, select "Signup Calendar" to sign up for a swim meet.

Job Signup

  • Click the green JOB SIGNUPtab and sign up for volunteer shifts (note one parent may sign up both parents for jobs -- scroll down and you’ll see the other parent listed). If you know you and your spouse will not be at this meet, skip to Swimmer Signup.
  • Click Save Assignments.
  • Click Back to Signup Calendar.
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Volunteer Descriptions

Meet Starter/Announcer (1) (Home meets only)
On the pool deck, ensuring the meet starts on time. Announces each heat prior to the beginning of the race. Begins each heat, “Swimmers take your mark.” Calls false starts. **Please note that if the opposing team is hosting our team, and they do not have our meet management system, we do require a starter at away meets. The away role is only to start and stop events with meeting management equipment.

TSA Representative*(1)
Head official during the meet. In charge of timers, stroke-and-turn judges, other judges. Handles disputes and keeps the meet moving. Referee is usually provided by the “home” team. To receive certification, should have served as Stroke & Turn Judge for 2 years.

Stroke and Turn Judge*(1)
Calls all infractions of the Stroke and Turn rules.

Kid Pusher 6&U, 7-8, 9-10 (2 for each gender)
All swimmers report to this person within their age group. Kid Pusher ensures that all swimmers listed are present and communicates to Clerk of Course with attendance discrepancies. It is suggested that a parent volunteers as kid pusher for their swimmer’s age group.

Clerk of Course (1)
Ensures swimmers line up in assigned lanes and in correct sequence. Takes the younger swimmers to lanes for individual and relay events. Ensures close communication with Head Coach.

Timer (2 per lane)
Time the swimmers during events.

Place Judge (1 per lane)
Calls the order of finish for each swim heat.

Runner (2)
Collects time cards from the timers, order of finish from the scribes, and DQ slips from the stroke-and-turn judges, takes them to the scorer.

Ribbon Writer (2)
Prepares and files ribbons for race winners.

Scribe/Scorer (1)
Records the finish on a score pad and premature relay leg starts as called by a finish judge. Keeps running total of team points.

Hospitality (1)
Hand out water to volunteers, make visitors feel welcome, ensure communication between Club employees and Heritage Betas Jobs Coordinator Board Member.

* Requires Special Training; please attend the TSA Skilled Workers Clinic.

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